Tyres determine the market

Posted by Michel Velderman on Jun 12, 2018 10:41:40 AM

Agricultural machines differ most in terms of tyres

The transport of agricultural machines has always been a separate branch within Special TransportNo machine is the same and this is also the greatest challenge for the carrier; the tyres often determine how big the challenge is. Most of agricultural machinery manufacturers have in fact developed completely different machines for the same purpose. There are manufacturers who offer manure injectors with five tyres; while other manufacturers offer the same machine with six tyres. In addition, the wheelbase also differs enormously; even from the same manufacturer. The same work could also be done by tractor - trailer combination. As a transporter, it is important that you have a trailer which can handle this diversity!

The size of the agricultural machinery is actually at a standstill. The innovations and changes are now focused on smart technologies, the economy of the machines, and the pressure distribution on the tyres. As a result, the size of the trailer is not decisive, but rather the positions of the wheel pitsThis shift makes it easier for a transporter to transport several agricultural machines with one trailer. Thanks to the high-tech machines, it is a bigger challenge for a transporter to get the machine safely to its destination through the many antennas and GPS sensorsPreviously, branches of trees were not an obstacle; now they are often a big source of annoyance during transport. An agile and low trailer is the most convenient in this case.

In the densely populated countries (such as the Netherlands), the machines are generally smaller than in the countries where the fields are larger (Germany / France). As a result, the export of these large machines is higher. These machines are often transported to their end-user on a trailer. Once the machine reaches the end-user, it will usually follow its own path and the trailer is no longer needed. The users of agricultural machinery are often frugal on the equipment and therefore, it usually has a long lifespan. When buying a new machine, it is highly possible that a machine of more than 30 years old has to be returned. This machine will be very different in size and wheelbase in comparison with the new product. Therefore, as a transporter, a multifunctional trailer is essential to be able to transport the most diverse machines. 

The most agricultural machines are delivered to the commission work companies. They often have several large machines that they transport on the road themselves. There is often no trailer involved here. A trend of the last few years; is that the commission work companies also carry out other activities in addition to agricultural work; for example, there are many commission work companies in road construction, earthmoving, and classical construction. This way they have work all year round. To be more ‘’self-supporting’’ in these activities; most commission work companies also purchase smaller equipment. They often transport these machines themselves on small trailers.

The agricultural sector is therefore in full swing. Not in size, but rather in smart technologies! 
The tyres are therefore decisive for transport!

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