What to take careful note of when purchasing a trailer?

Posted by Broshuis BV on May 11, 2017 9:59:00 AM

Purchasing a trailer is not something you do every day. To help you on your way when it comes to purchasing a trailer, we have summarised the seven most important points. Two points are now given below. Please enter your information to read the other five points.

What does my trailer cost?
A trailer is not something that you purchase every day and it demands a significant investment. Ultimately you want to know what the return is on your investment (ROI) or what the total costs of the trailer amount to, preferably per km (Total Cost of Ownership). You might well think that a cheaper trailer delivers a higher ROI. Unfortunately it is often the case that ‘you get what you pay for’. For example, this may mean more downtime due to repairs, not being able to transport the desired load and a shorter service life. It may well be that over time a trailer with a higher purchase value delivers more than a less expensive trailer. Calculating accurately is therefore essential when purchasing a trailer! In the meantime do you just want to focus on the purchase price of a trailer? If so, before doing so take a quick look at a trailer manufacturer's web site on how to configure your own trailer.

Have a look in the kitchen
To really find out whether a supplier makes a high-quality product, you need to take a look in their factory. Based on a visit to the factory you can see with your own eyes how and where your product is going to be made. You can then view trailers for yourself at various stages of the production process. When doing so, take note of the materials used, the construction method, the work ethic of the fitters, the accuracy of construction and the orderliness and cleanliness of the factory. After this your gut feeling is often indicative enough. Were you made to feel welcome?

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